57. Don’t call me early in the mornin’

3 September 2010 at 17:52 | Posted in Circadian rhythm | Leave a comment

We have an anthem!  It’s on YouTube, sung by the Irish Tommy Sands, just audio, not video:

Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning

 As the person I got it from says, “An’ if yer havin’ trouble wi’ the Oirish accent, sure the lyrics are here:”

Don’t call me early in the mornin’,
Call me what you want to but leave me alone.
Don’t call me early in the mornin’,
Just leave me till the cows are comin’ home.

A man or a woman they need their relaxation
From risin’ always at the dawn
And the heart of the matter tomorrow is a Saturday
And I’ll be lyin’ on.

Sad the lad that can’t rest contented,
He has it all but must have more.
He fills himself with pills to retire with a million,
But falls asleep at sixty-four.

Fair is fair and I’ve done my share,
My nerves are gettin’ on me nerves.
If you don’t have a pillow of the white swan’s feather,
I’ll do with a corner for my head.

Just a gentle warnin’ for tomorrow mornin’,
No big noises near my room.
Cars with no exhausts, chickens with the whoopin’ cough,
A milkman that whistles out of tune.


I’ve sung it together with the recording a dozen times now and don’t yet have it down pat.  But I love it.  Hope you do, too.


Next post:  58. Gender differences in sleep



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