iii. Circadian rhythms

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Isn’t there already enough on the internet about circadian rhythms and disorders thereof?  Certainly, more than enough.  With a few notable exceptions it is too general or too specific, too commercial or too technical and, in some cases, too out-of-date.  
I’ve been wading through it for well over a year now.  I’ve gleaned bits of info from studies of animals, of shift workers and of the seasonally depressed, of the human eye and brain and, of course, from studies of people who have the same diagnosis as myself.   I’ve participated in discussions on lists and boards.  I’ve tried explaining some of these things for people who show an interest, whether genuine or polite.  I need all this stuff organized into pertinent and bite-sized pieces. 
Hence, an attempt here.
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i. [CHAPTER ONE] Entry #1

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An experiment. Do I want to start a blog? About the night owl condition – and open to the public? Then I’d better make clear, here at the start, that I am not a doctor nor a scientist. Do be careful about taking any advice I might come with. And keep in mind that it is possible, not even unusual, to have more than one sleep disorder at the same time.

The pic was “stolen” from an online forum which isn’t there anymore. Maybe it’s mine exclusively, now?

A first entry is necessary, if for no other reason than to see if they’ll let me edit it.
PS: Yes, I can edit.
But even though I’ve said that the “public” can comment, apparently only members of Yahoo-360 are allowed to. Image Now ain’t that just typical of yahoo, aol, google, microsoft etc., refusing to make their great features universal? Image
Update June 2009:  the blog has moved to WordPress from Yahoo-360.
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