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Mailing list / support group

Forums, some more helpful than others, my favorites at the top:

  • TalkAboutSleep is a message board with many categories including “Circadian Rhythm Disorders”. 
  • SleepDisorderChannel is another active message board with many categories, this one including “Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome”. 
  • BrainTalk is less specific (lots of neurology problems) and less active; scroll way, way, way down to “Sleep disorders” in the alphabetical list. 
  • SleepNet has forums on sleep problems, not specifically circadian. 
  • Facebook has several DSPS groups.

 (In general, anyone may read these forums, while registration is required to post.)

→  Sites with information:

  • DSPSinfo.org is a page by and for people with DSPS.  It aims to be neither too pessimistic nor too optimistic.  See also the links at the bottom of that page.
  • Su Laine Yeo is the oldie but goodie!  The oldest DSPS information on the internet.
  • Busting myths surrounding Delayed Sleep contains a long list of links, many of them great! 
  • Night Owl Network is for and about the normal night owls, with, among other things, an article showing these survey results, very approximately:  25% evening people, 15% morning people and  60% intermediates.
  • The B-society is the English language version of a Danish organization working for recognition of the evening chronotype, not specifically DSPS.   Little activity lately.
  • See also these and other articles on Wikipedia .  Here listed alphabetically:  Chronotype, Circadian rhythm, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, Delayed sleep phase syndrome, Melatonin, Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome, Phase response curve, Sleep medicine

 Posts on other blogs:

  • How I Learned To Live With DSPS is a stand-alone post on an otherwise business blog.  Good description of the disorder and well-written, for example:  “I felt like one of those 7 foot basketball players where doorways and airplanes seats never fit you. The world was just not designed for me.”
  • Defeating Non-24hr syndrome tells, in believable detail, how one person has beat Non-24 and the 15 rules necessary to maintain diurnality.  With bibliography.


  And do let me know of

any other good sites

that I may have missed, please!


All ready for work!

All ready for work!

If you must get up for work tomorrow and know how hard it’s going to be, it may be best to shower and dress the night before….


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